The Mother Of All Antioxidants

Glutathione - acts as an important naturally occurring antioxidant found in your liver. It helps transport amino acids and plays a vital role in purging your body of toxic compounds such as heavy metals. Glutathione helps clearer, brighter skin, increased energy, stamina, body detoxification energy, boosted immune systems, increased sex drive, helps detoxify the body and promote well-being.

Ascorbic Acid -  also known as Vitamin C is essential for a number of basic body functions, including the health of the skin, bones and teeth. It has many important roles in our body’s immune function, including wound healing, preventing damage to cells, building collagen, producing chemical messengers called neurotransmitters among many others.

Sodium Hydroxide - balances the Ph levels in the body.

What does Glutathione Do?

  • Clearer & Brighter Skin

  • Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, Age Spots, Wrinkle, Acne, Cystic Acne & even Melasma.

  • Collagen production to help with Fine lines and Wrinkles

  • Improvement of Liver Function

  • Detoxifier – clears the body of toxins and free radicals